The mountain fire rises, the drought crisis, the extreme high temperature is making Europe cry.

A few days ago, the European drought observation organization announced the latest data and warned that at least 60% of the land and the United Kingdom were under the drought crisis. The monitor explained that 45%of the land soil was insufficient, and 15%of the land vegetation had faced the pressure of survival. Some experts say that continuous drought will trigger a potential food crisis. A recent report of the Research Center of the Scientific Service Joint Research Center of the European Commission predicts that due to the drought caused by the continued high temperature heat wave this summer, the EU’s grain corn, sunflower and soybean production will decline 8-9%, far lower than 5 years average.

Drought is not the only bitter fruit caused by extreme high temperature this summer. The number of people dying in European countries has soared rapidly this year due to continuous high temperature. According to data from the Carlos III Research Institute, Spain has died of 3,617 people at high temperature as of now; the Portuguese health department reports that 1063 people have died from high temperature from July 7 to July 18; 2,000 people died of high temperature, and the health department warned that this number will only be higher this year.

While extremely high temperature harm to human health, it also caused a fire in Europe. Up to now, more than ten EU countries such as Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Italy, Spain, and Portugal have reported forest fires, the most serious of which are southern Europe, mountain fires in France, Spain and Portugal have been burned nearly 520,000 hectares Forest, Copernicus monitoring services earlier that about 1.3 million tons of carbon dioxide produced in June and July in the mountain fire in Spain and Morocco, which was the highest value of the same period since the record in 2003.

Epidemium, war, mountain fire, drought, death, Italian poet but the hell scene under the writing of Ding’s writing was staged in mainland Europe. At the same time, the energy crisis and inflation are intensifying. When can a peaceful life come back? The European people are waiting for.

Post time: Aug-11-2022