The EU is determined to cut Russian natural gas to reduce dependence on China!

According to reports, on May 18th, the European Commission will hold one of the most important meetings in the energy sector to approve the European Union’s RepowerEu plan, which is proposed to prepare for Russia’s comprehensive supply of Russia. It can be seen in the documents that have been circulating that the EU Commission will allow electricity rates to highly depend on natural gas prices to adopt a system similar to Spanish restrictions on electricity prices; the EU will also be launched by the wholesale market, such as protecting vulnerable consumers to protect vulnerable consumers , Support green protocol goals and integrate renewable energy.

According to a draft proposed by Euroactiv, the EU will need an additional 195 billion investment by 2027. The European Union believes that it is necessary to allocate this fund to deploy renewable energy infrastructure and improve energy efficiency. The EU’s goal is to double the installation capacity of the solar energy by 2030 to reach 300 GW, and the target 40% increase to 45%.

Earlier this month, Austria, Belgium, Lithuania, Luxembourg, and Spain jointly wrote to the European Union, saying that a ambitious goal should be set: by 2030, the EU should install at least 1,000 Gaval power generation photovoltaic, which is roughly equivalent to the current world in the world The total installation capacity will be installed more than 70 million solar panels.

These countries also call for: 75%of solar panels should be produced in the European Union to get rid of their dependence on China. At present, most of the world’s related products are manufactured in China. Every year, the EU produces more than 7.88 billion euros when purchasing solar panels outside the EU. At present, the EU industry barely can produce 0.4% of the world’s battery films and 4% components.

Post time: May-19-2022