More than 90,000 civil servants in the UK plan.

According to reports, the British government plans to lay off 91,000 civil servants to reduce the government’s financial expenditure in public services. It is expected to spend at least 1 billion pounds of layoff costs, which can save about 3.5 billion pounds of fiscal expenditures each year.

The plan was proposed by the Prime Minister of the Detention Prime Minister (will leave in early September) Boris Johnson in May, saying that the scale of civil servants will be reduced to the level six years ago without damage to the front -line public services. The government currently hires 475,000 civil servants, while the number of civil servants six years ago was 384,000. The largest number of officials is the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of the Interior, and the Ministry of Labor. The strong competitor of the new Prime Minister, the current Foreign Minister Leeds Tellas, has announced that if he is elected Prime Minister, he will continue to implement the layoff plan.

The Cabinet Office stated: “Because the people across the country are facing huge costs of living, the public properly expect their government to lead by example and operate as efficient as possible.” How to implement the layoff A series of methods such as vacancies are not filled in the private sector or when retirement. The cabinet office also stated that “negotiation with the union is still continuing and will definitely respect the labor rights.”

Post time: Aug-10-2022