Because you can’t talk about the European Union to build Twitter and YouTube!

According to reports, the European Union is developing its own social network and video platform because of negotiating with Meta and Google on the issue of data protection. Over the past few years, a tug -of -war between the relevant EU agencies and large American technology companies. It is understood that if Twitter and YouTube refuse to comply with the EU’s “Digital Service Law”, the European Union may disable the above social applications within the EU. To this end, the European Commission is preparing to replace these two social media.

The European Union hopes that the newly developed social media platforms can achieve the true privacy respect and data protection of users, and hope that EU users will no longer rely on Meta’s social media, Twitter or Tiktok.

It is understood that the European Union is developing the two projects of EU Video and EU Voice to replace YouTube and Twitter. The EU hopes that EU Voice can replace Twitter’s function, providing users with more freedom and more protection for minority groups. EU Video will be developed by Mastodon. The social network is established in 2016 and the platform is currently open source.

Post time: Aug-01-2022